Diana and Brows: Red Wing Farm is my happy place

I started riding at Red Wing 12 years ago. It was my 47th birthday gift from my partner. She thought it would build my confidence. I have always been in awe and amazed about horses, but had no experience or knowledge.

I am grateful to Amber and Beth for their patience and persistence in teaching me about horses and how to ride. Amber used to call our Tuesday night lesson group “the lemmings” due to our habit of blindly following one another instead of listening to her instructions. However, they’ve gotten through despite selective listening and slow responses at times.

I have had many horse teachers through the years. I am thankful for all the Red Wing horses, but especially Paco,  Zany (my first heart horse whom I miss everyday), Moon, James, Tawny and Freddie. They all have made me the horsewoman and rider I am today.

Last but not least, there is Eyebrows (Brows). It was not love at first ride. He is a spooky guy and it took awhile for us to trust one another. We have both come far in that regard. Through many rides, clinics, judged trail rides and obstacles – you name it, we have tried it. He is a special horse. Every minute I spend with him builds my confidence and hopefully his trust in me. I feel honored every time he allows me on his back and greets me with his deep chortle.

When I walk into the barns at Red Wing, it feeds my soul. It is my happy place.

Thank you Amber and Beth for the years of sharing your herd with me, especially a sweet boy named Brows.



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