Meet the Four-Legged “Staff”

Hands down the hardest workers on the farm!

The Horses and Ponies

Devin – Devin does it all – English, Western, Jumping – and is a favorite for many. 

Eyebrows – Sweet as can be, Eyebrows (aka “Brows”) charms both beginners and advanced riders with his smooth gaits and laid back attitude.

Mocha – Don’t let his small stature fool you – Mocha is a tank! He’s more woah than go, but loves a challenge and perks right up when he sees a fun gaming pattern or jump course!

Summer – One of Red Wing’s older horses, but you could never tell! Summer still has the same English flat work and jumping skills as some of her younger counterparts!

Reina – Sweet Reina. Her quiet consistency makes her a Western favorite here at RWF. She’s a skilled reiner and is momma to a  Willow and Levi, two horses that were born at Red Wing and now have loving homes.

Shiloh –  Shiloh is a beautiful mover and perfect for the English rider looking to power through a jump course with more go than woah. She also loves being out on the trail. She’s got a lovable personality and also has a sweet tooth for twizzlers, starburst or sour patch watermelons. 

Chex – Chex is a beautiful palomino and one of Amber’s reining horses. He’s got a great and fun personality and becoming one of the barn’s favorite lesson horses.

Jem – Jem’s an all-gray mare who is actually a registered Paint. She’s more of a kick ride, but is calm and quiet with her Western riders. 

Puck – Puck’s known around the farm for his goofy and sometimes-quirky personality. Under saddle, he goes both Western and English and is working hard to learn more.  He loves to make new friends – both two- and four-legged. 

Abe – Honest Abe. Abe is one of the newer horses at Red Wing Farm, but has already found a following of faithful Western riders. He’s a more go than woah Western horse, but takes good care of anyone who rides him. 

 JoJo – JoJo is one of RWFs resident Nokota horses and has come a long way since joining the barn a few years ago. He goes both English and Western and is ready to learn! 

Gypsy – Another one of RWFs resident Nokotas. Gypsy is a sassy and versatile little pony who rides both English and Western.

Freddie – Old man Freddie. He’s no longer used in  riding lessons, but drives and is used in-hand, lead line and grooming lessons with beginners. He’s one of the most beloved ponies at the barn and gets plenty of attention from his loyal fan base. He’s served the barn well over the years and is currently looking to retire to green pastures and find a new family looking for an easy-going companion. (AKA he’s for sale!) 

Phoebe – Been there, done that. While she tends to be more go than woah, Phoebe is a gentle and trustworthy girl who remains consistent whether she’s in the arena, at a show, or out on the trail.   

Biz – Biz is another of Red Wing’s reining horses. She’s honest and willing-to-learn in areas where she hasn’t been trained such as English, Western Pleasure, Trail and Obstacles. Fun fact about Biz – she’ll shake her head at least three times after you take off her halter and before you put on the bridle! 

Maddox – Maddox is new to Red Wing, but is quickly becoming one of the go-to Western horses because of his patient and good-natured temperament.

Lolita – Lolita is an expressive mare, but is a dream to ride! She’s known around the barn for her smooth jog and lope which some have equated to “sitting on a sofa.” She takes good care of her rides, even when she is unsure of the situation. 

Lilly – It’s hard to find some who has ridden Lilly and NOT fallen in love with her. Though she didn’t quite make it as a competitive reining horse, she’s got impressive bloodlines and now charms riders with her easy-going personality. Lilly is proud momma to Chevy, as well as four other horses who now have loving homes elsewhere.

Belle – A cute buckskin pony who can go both English and Western. She’s green, but has a lot of potential!

The Minis

Cody – Cody is a hard-working and spunky mini who recently learned how to drive and shows in-hand with some of the barn students.


Red Wing Farm Contract Staff
These horses are not owned by the barn, but are boarded there and their kind owners let us use them in lessons on occasion. 

Lance – Lance lived at Red Wing before it was Red Wing and is the farm’s longest resident – 18 years and counting (and in the same stall to boot!).  He’s a been there done that old show horse goes both English and Western (just no more jumping for the old man). His showmanship background makes him a great lead line, pattern, and trail horse for riders of all levels. He also loves face scratches! 


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